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1300 LINEMARK Line Removal

1300 LINEMARK have one of the best line marking removal services across the Greater Sydney Region. There are numerous types of line removal available depending on the surface and your required results. We use a combination of environmentally friendly efficient techniques to remove your redundant lines from your site. We can remove all traces of lines and stencils from the car park, footpaths, warehouses, airport runways, staging zones, roads, and wherever stencils and lines are no longer required.

Line Marking Removal Options

1300 LINEMARK have various methods for line marking removal across the Greater Sydney area and Regional NSW. There are four different types of applications available.

Water Blasting – Ultra-high-pressure water blasting is how we remove the paint and then vacuum excess water and old paint to give you the cleanest job. If you want to redo the line markings after they have been removed, this is the best linemarking solution available for line marking removal. Once the surface is dry, we can paint your new lines exactly where you want them, giving you the opportunity to reassess your layout for optimum productivity. We recommend using Dulux chlorinated rubber to upgrade your sites as it is tough and long lasting.

Block Out Paint – The most common and cost-effective way to cover the unwanted lines is block out paint. In this method, we colour match the paint to your floor or site which can be any shade of grey right through to black. Once it is blocked out, and dry to product specifications we can line mark over it or change your layout for a better fit.

Shot Blasting– This is where small metal beads hit the surface at a powerful rate within the contained environment of the machine. These beads hit away at the paint, breaking it up from the painted areas into much smaller pieces. This is the best method of line marking removal if you are planning to re-texture the surface of your sites floors before applying epoxy, sealer or repainting the lines. This method is also good for restoring skid-resistance to any area needing it.

Surface Grinding – This is a messier choice, but it does remove the lines completely. We use this method when needing to add the texture back to the surface for painting or sealing around the lines.

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