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At 1300 LINEMARK, we take immense pride in our expertise and commitment to excellence. No matter the scale or complexity of your line marking project, you can trust our skilled teams to deliver top-tier results that exceed expectations.

Experience the difference between working with a trusted partner dedicated to professionalism and customer satisfaction. Let us transform your spaces with precision line marking, creating safe, organised and visually striking environments for all to admire.


1300 LINEMARK is the esteemed choice among suppliers, acknowledged as the foremost airport line marking specialist for airfield runways, taxiways, aprons, aircraft parking, and hangar line marking in Australia.

Airport Line Marking

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At 1300 LINEMARK, we understand that a well-designed car park goes beyond just providing ample parking spaces. It revolves around creating a seamless experience for both drivers and pedestrians, instilling confidence and order in every inch of your parking area.

Car Park Line Marking

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Discover our comprehensive line marking removal methods across Regional NSW, offering you a choice of 4 different applications. Our top pick for achieving unparalleled results is the highly effective water blasting technique.

Line Removal

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Enhance safety and ensure precise lane usage with the strategic deployment of directional arrows, guiding drivers at intersections within Australia. These vital markers play a crucial role in promoting road safety, providing clear instructions for motorists entering from designated lanes. Safety Zones Learn more…


With the expertise of our laser specialist stencil designer, we can bring your unique vision to life. Whatever your requirements may be, we’re fully equipped to create stencils that perfectly align with your business identity and operational demands.


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Welcome to 1300 LINEMARK, your trusted experts in road markings across a diverse range of surfaces and projects, big and small, throughout Australia. Our prowess lies in delivering top-notch line markings with precision and finesse. With a fleet of advanced trucks and cutting-edge machinery at our disposal, we’re equipped to handle all aspects of line markings, ensuring excellence in every detail.


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At 1300 LINEMARK, our dedicated Industrial line marking teams rely on the exceptional qualities of Dulux Roadmaster Chlorinated Rubber road marking paint. Specially chosen for its outstanding attributes, this paint is tailored to withstand the harsh Australian environment with unwavering durability.

Industrial linemarking

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When it comes to ensuring secure and hazard-free walkways, we lead the way with our innovative solutions. Our Slip Resistant Pedestrian Walkways are meticulously designed to exceed industry standards, delivering unmatched reliability and performance.

Pedestrian Zones

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Whether it’s guiding your guests to designated areas, creating safety zones, or adding a touch of creativity, our line marking solutions are tailored to suit your event’s unique requirements. We bring your vision to life through our craftsmanship and expertise.

Special Events

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As the Warehouse WHS safety line marking experts, 1300 LINEMARK is committed to elevating safety standards in your warehouse environment. With high traffic being a common occurrence around warehouses, our specialized line marking solutions become a necessity in safeguarding your valuable workforce.


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